[Documentaire HBO – TOXIC HOT SEAT – Novembre 2013]



Everyone has a fear of fire, right? No one wants to burn up in a fire.

The temperature rises and rises until suddenly everything is burning.

We have developed a method for applying a flame retardant in the home.

Every American home has flame retardants in their couch. These are chemicals measured by pounds and ounces.

Flame retardants accumulate in people and wildlife in places around the world.

They’re toxic and building up in breast milk and being past on to the next generation.

We are in the middle of a giant uncontrolled experiment on American children.

Why do we have these chemicals on our lives? Why do we have them in our furniture? Why do we have them in our bodies?

Flame retardents are important to save lives.

We all ready have the highest fire safety standard.

The study’s so obscure we had to translate it in English. The industry doesn’t have a copy. You can’t find it online. We had to go to the National Library of Sweden to get a copy.

If the science shows these chemicals don’t really even work. Why are we getting the potential risk and none of the benefit?

These fires now are an absolute toxic soup.

I had transitional cell carcinoma a rare form of cancer found in people in the chemical industry.

I’ve had co-workers die in fires and I’ve had a lot more die of cancer.

I had all these chemicals in my body, including flame retardants. Folks said, « We need a legislature willing to take on a fight against the chemical industry. » I was like, « Lets go for it. »

Health advocates in the chemical industry are facing off in Washington.

I had no clue the kind of opposition we were going to be facing.

There was campaign of marketing and deception.

We’ve got the signatures of a 130,000 Americans with us.

Regular people stood up and said, « Look we don’t to take it anymore. »

You don’t let the fire win. We win.

Who are we listening to when we’re being told these chemicals are safe. They work, they protect us. They are essential to our lives. Who are we listening to?