Cette note en arabe, présentée comme une preuve de terrorisme, est en fait une liste de coursesThe german newsmagasine DER SPIEGEL publishes a fearmongering article about  » Germany’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy  » calling for more surveillance of the population…

The article is illustrated by a DPA picture of a « note, written in Arabic, (that) was found near one of the two bombs planted on German trains in July. Investigators believe the bombs could have killed several hundred people. »

Scaaaryyy ! But hold on… the note is written in black but the words have been crossed out in blue. Weird aye ?

Apparently, nobody at DPA or DER SPIEGEL can be bothered to inform its readers about the meaning of the pictures they publish.

And apparently nobody in the german media has friends who can read Arabic. But that is hardly surprising in a magazine that counts right wing neo-con Hendryk M. Broder among its regular columnists.

The « terrorist note » is actually a shopping list : cheese, olives, bread…

As H.L. Mencken said « Never let plain facts get in the way of a good story »