Le FBI invente un virus qui récolte vos mots de passe… et non ce n’est pas BadTrans !!!

FBI developing virus to fight encryption
(MSNBC – 25/11/2001)
It can be difficult, and often impossible, to decrypt data that has been deliberately encoded on a PC. Furthermore there is absolutely no way to stop the use of encryption products, since the « genie is already out of the bottle. » So one tact the FBI is using against encryption is the development of viruses that will fool users into tapping their own keystrokes, and sending the passwords to law enforcement. Alternatively, the software can be installed on a target PC by black-bag job– breaking and entering.

Surfez anonymement sur la toile grâce à la CIA…. c’est fini !!!! (fallait vraiment être con pour s’en servir…. Greg)

CIA run anonymous web service closes
(Washtech -20/11/2001)
Safeweb, which provided web surfing anonymization and which was largely backed by the CIA, has turned off the service. It was intended for use by surfers in despotic countries to prevent web censorship, but who knows exactly what intelligence data would be quietly gathered by the CIA during its operation.

Un état d’Australie (celui où se trouve Sydney) envisage de faire secession de l’Internet pour protéger ses enfants des « contenus inappropriés »

New South Wales to secede from Internet
(EFF Australia – 23/10/201)
The legislature of the province of New South Wales in Australia will soon decide if it wants to participate in the Internet. Basically, they want to criminalize all content that is « inappropriate for children » — that is a much lower basis than even « indecent » or « obscene ». And furthermore, it treats online publishing very differently than print.


Dans le cadre de la lutte contre Al-Qaeda, les USA ont gelé les avoirs de la Banque Al-Barakaat en Somalie, qui est également l’unique fournisseur d’accès Internet. Du coup la Somalie ne répond plus….

U.S. turns off Somalia’s internet
(BBC 11/11/2001)
After the United States ordered assets of Al-Barakaat and Somalia Internet Company frozen, all Internet service to the nation of Somalia has ceased. Traffic which was previously carried on the Internet must now be done on phone lines, but there aren’t enough lines. Barakaat is a banking concern, but is Somalia’s largest company, and is believed to be one laundering a large amount of funds to the al Qaeda organization.

Madre de Dios ! On l’a échapé belle ! Après Kaboul, Madrid ?

U.S. decides against invading Spain
(Cybercast News 01/11/2001 )
When it was pointed out that Spain was « harboring terrorists » by not permitting their extradition to the United States based on death penalty issues, the White House was asked about any plans to invade Spain. Press Secretary Ari Fleischer’s answer, « I’m not aware that we are invading Spain. »

Et en plus Ossama fait des clips sur MTV !!! Une journaliste a vu les vidéos de recrutement de Al Qaeda, c’est du boulot de pro !

His grasp of spin is chilling . . .
(London Telegraph 16/11/2001)
Few Westerners have seen Osama bin Laden’s recruitment video in full.
So what did Julia Magnet, a young Jewish New Yorker, make of it?

Les terroristes arrivent aux US en containers climatisés !

Terrorist moles in containers vex authorities
(World Net Daily 27/11/2001)
« Opening the container, they were astounded to find a 43-year old Egyptian stowaway, identified as Rigk Amid Farid, boxed in amid the comforts of a luxury hotel suite outfitted for a three-week journey to Canada: bed, toilet, portable heater and water supply. His luggage contained a cell phone, satellite phone, computer and cameras, and he was equipped with a Canadian passport and airport maps, airside security passes and an airline mechanic certificate, all valid for New York’s JFK, Newark, L.A. International and O’Hare airports. »

George Bush n’est pas une lumière, c’est pas nous qui le disons, ce sont les linguistes américains qui ont analysé ses discours depuis le 11 septembre.

Evil Evildoers Of Evil
(San Francisco Gate 19/10/2001)
When Bush employs phrases like « bring the evildoers to justice » over and over, 17 times in one speech alone, and he furrows his brow like a serious Muppet and offers carefully scripted reassurances deliberately lacking in polysyllabism and detailed explanation because that would be, you know, complicated.
When he repeats primitive little maxims like « There are no negotiations » and responds to press-conference questions about the vitriolic anti-US hatred that has blossomed around the globe by saying, « I’m amazed. I just can’t believe it because I know how good we are, » thus causing a giant global spasm of multinational cringing and openly insulting the intelligence of anyone who can walk and breathe at the same time.


En Grande Bretagne, la police a reçu l’autorisation d’étendre son fichage aux enfants à partir de l’âge de trois ans. Parmi les motifs retenus pour être fiché « mauvais comportements », « insolence » et « troubler le calme »….

Who is naughty and who is nice
(London Telegraph 25/11/2001)
Police in the UK intend to register children who are as young as three years of age as potential criminals, when they « behave badly ». Offenses that can get you in the database include « cheekiness » and « causing a nuisance ». No, we aren’t making this up.

Une galerie d’art aux USA reçoit la visite du FBI parcequ’elle expose des objets « anti-américains »

Feds visit anti-American art exhibit
(World Socialist Web Site 22/11/2001)
« The visit [by the federal agents] has galvanized a lot of people who were keeping quiet before. We’ve had repeat traffic, people are more confirmed in the suspicion that what the government is doing is not above board. I think people feel that if they are extending the term ‘terrorism’ to small folk-art concerns, they must be extending it in every direction. »


Une jeune femme aux USA reçoit la visite des Services Secrets parcequ’elle a une affiche « anti-américaine » accrochée au mur de son salon

Thought Police pay a visit
(Independent Online 21/11/2001)
« On Friday, Oct. 26, two Secret Service agents, along with Durham police investigator Rex Godley, came to Brown’s apartment. Special Agent Paul Lalley, who did most of the talking, spoke first. « Ma’am, we’ve gotten a report that you have anti-American material, or something like that, in your apartment, » he said, according to Brown. Then the female agent asked if they could come inside. »

La lutte contre le terrorisme érode chaque jour un peu plus les libertés publiques aux USA. Dernière victime, l’accès des citoyens aux informations administratives et statistiques dans les bibliothèques publiques.

Rising Fears That What We Do Know Can Hurt Us
(Los Angeles Times 18/11/2001)
The document seemed innocuous enough: a survey of government data on reservoirs and dams on CD-ROM. But then came last month’s federal directive to U.S. libraries: « Destroy the report. » So a Syracuse University library clerk broke the disc into pieces, saving a single shard to prove that the deed was done